• Kuriya

    Set on the first floor of Great World City in central Singapore, Kuriya Dining is a fine-dining restaurant that serves authentic Japanese cuisine. A kuriya is a.

  • Signature

    With a breathtaking design and an exquisite menu, our French fine-dining restaurant makes a heart stopping impression the moment you enter. Under the watchful eye of talented Chef de Cuisine Nicolas Boujéma, Signature’s enticing menu offers an array of French dishes, subtly …

  • Nadaman Shangri-La Hotel Tokyo

    The famous Nadaman group of restaurants has been treating discerning Japanese diners to fine traditional cuisine since 1830. Elegant and exquisite, the restaurant features sushi and teppanyaki counters and kaiseki, with private dining rooms available. … Signature dishes from our …

  • Ise Sueyoshi

    Ise Sueyoshi: An Unforgettable Kaiseki Dining Experience in Tokyo [Info & Reservation] … For a memorable kaiseki experience, you should stop by Ise Sueyoshi. … Ise Sueyoshi is fun by Chef Tanaka and is located in Nishi-Azabu, which is between Hiroo and Roppongi.

  • Azure 45

    – On the final day of my holiday, I decide to have lunch at one of the hotel’s finest restaurants; Azure 45. This is one of the top French restaurants …